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F2 Furnishings is proud to carry EQ3, aninternational furniture company with Canadian roots.

F2 Furnishings is proud to carry EQ3, an international furniture company with Canadian roots. Extremely popular with customers, EQ3 is inspired by imaginations from around the world. EQ3 has a mission to provide innovative and affordable home furnishings for everyone who appreciates modern design. At F2 Furnishings, you can work one-on-one with a member of the design team, and find exactly what's right for you.

The EQ3 name and logo symbolizes Canadian heritage. EQ represents "emotional quotient", the measure of our emotional intelligence, reminding us of our responsibility to nurture and celebrate relationships. It measures our ability to perceive the emotions of others, to form appropriate emotional responses, and to nurture our emotional and intellectual growth.

Clean lines, true materials and quality are all valued by EQ3. To achieve the best value, they start with innovative designs that challenge the status quo and pursue alternative manufacturing solutions. EQ3 buyers travel the world searching for the most creative combination of resources, construction methods and manufacturers in their relentless aim to make EQ3 products affordable. Their collaborative efforts worldwide result in quality products at accessible prices.

Every concept is developed and manufactured under the direction of EQ3 team members. This vertically integrated design and manufacturing process ensures quality, affordability and design integrity.