Lind furniture is made, and comes directly from Canada.

Originally established in Denmark in 1965, the high quality products of Lind Furniture are a huge asset to F2 Furnishings; a perfect product for the environmentally friendly individual. Lind began as a small upholstery factory in Europe, and eventually expanded to Canada in 1988. Due to its success, Lind furniture also expanded across North America. Using all locally acquired materials, Lind products are all manufactured in Canada, setting it apart from many other furniture providers.

Lind offers a wide selection of sofas, sectionals, ottomans, and loungers, offering both reclining and stationary chairs. Style, functionality and comfort are all integrated together, as a customer can not only pick colors, but also choose from a wide variety of fabric and leather grades, layouts, wood stains, and styles.

The leather is purchased from tanneries in Europe, Asia, and South America. Lind frames and soy-based foam comes from local suppliers. Each seat is individually framed, to ensure the highest of quality and durability. Lind furniture leaves a very small carbon footprint on our environment, making it a great choice not only for you, but for the environment as well. Cushions and seats are upholstered on soy-based form, and the overall construction process of Lind furniture contains no harmful chemicals.

It is common to have an article of furniture circle the globe twice before it even reaches the supplier in Canada. With all locally acquired products, Lind furniture is made, and comes directly from Canada. The superior quality of a Lind furniture product only improves with time, making your piece more beautiful as time goes on. Come and check out Lind furniture at F2 Furnishings in Edmonton and Calgary today.