Marimekko was founded by Viljo & Armi Ratia in 1951.

Marimekko is Internationally renowned for its original prints and vibrant colors. Founded by Viljo & Armi Ratia in 1951 and launching their first fashion line in 1959, known as industrial art. Marimekko travels the road less taken between urban and nature, traditional and modernity, mass production and unique art. Wonderful shades in superb, off-beat combos, color is Marimekko's logic. By 1965, the company the company was in every aspect of fine design, from fabrics to toys, dinnerware, even completely equipped small houses.

Using Marimekko fabric in our home is a fabulous way to inject a colorful bright pop of color. It's a whimsical, energetic feeling to portray in cushions, accent chairs, ottomans and bed coverings. The mix of patterns and colors is sure to brighten any space and give you a great contrast to your foundation. Be sure to include it in your next project.

F2 Furnishings welcomes you to explore modern living with Marimekko, with over 40,000 square feet in Edmonton store of modern furniture to offer.