"Beautiful products defined by quality, spirit and a modern sensibility."

Wildcat territory designs and produces beautiful products defined by modern sensibility, spirit, and quality. At F2 Furnishings, Wildcat territory fabrics are sophisticated, rich, and unique. The colors are unexpected and fresh, and everything is manufactured in America.

Every Wildcat territory piece displays couture sewing as the foundation of its design. All of the products are made with integrity by experience of craftsmen who love to sew. From the simplest seam, to the most elaborate piecing, every detail is held at the highest importance.

Wildcat territory core philosophy states that a good design does not need to cost a fortune. Generosity, simplicity, and honest, heartfelt communication are all values. Wildcat products are designed to be sensual and livable.

At F2 Furnishings, Wildcat territory products offer great vales, and speak to the need of comfort, pleasure, and beauty. Come to our Edmonton & Calgary store today and learn more about Wildcat Territory.