Ready for a Change?

Ready for a Change?

Tired of the same boring finishes? Check out this inspiration for a modern haven! Find a balance between the features of a space: if the footprint isn't exactly large, emphasize what else is available such as potential high ceilings, expansive windows, or perhaps well-proportioned rooms. With our background as designers, we have what it takes to elevate a space with modern flair.


Check out this palette of cool grays and whites, complemented by white oak flooring and natural oak accents. It's contemporary, it's airy, and provides a fantastic ambiance. Embrace this calm, laid-back aesthetic with our Canadian partner EQ3! Choose a durable fabric or go with a silky smooth leather - these sofas are made-to-order and you'll love the selection of colours and textures.


Of course, a warm walnut wood also makes for a fantastic choice. Using the same white oak flooring but changing the accents can create an entirely different feeling in the space. Small changes such as an alternatively textured rug or direct views of outdoor greenery work with the furniture pieces to describe a different environment.


Don't be afraid to continually refine your home. Start with focusing on the small details. Mixing up the materials to make it feel warmer or cooler, introduce accent pillows, décor, rugs, and throws to change a space without changing bigger pieces.


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