Experience nearly 60 years of expertise as a bed base manufacturer in Canada.

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F2 Furnishings proudly supports Beaudoin Beds, an exclusively Canadian bedframe company with over 60 years of history.

Founded in 1963 by Mr Julien Beaudoin and later managed by daughter Ms Diane Beaudoin, Beaudoin Beds is Canadian to the core. As the third generation leader, Mr Brian Crochetiere continues to reinforce his family's and the company's deeply set values, including the importance of dedicated and customized customer service.

A proud Canadian manufacturer, Beaudoin Beds helps create jobs for Canadians and contributes to our country’s financial health. When you purchase a Beaudoin bed, you not only help the local economy, but you’ll also acquire a product carefully manufactured with quality materials and high standards.

Beaudoin Beds offers a wide variety of products and versatile styles that easily match a range of decors. Their expertise and quality materials guarantee a flawlessly strong bed that will always be elegant, regardless of trends.

Maintaining product quality and consistency while innovating in terms of service, delivery, and innovation continues to be at the forefront of Beaudoin Beds. 

Beaudoin HQ in Quebec