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Modern Furniture. Made Simple.

F2 Furnishings is proud to be Alberta's largest gallery of Gus* Modern! 

Gus* Modern was started in Toronto by like-minded friends who shared a vision to create an exclusive line of furniture that would build on mid-century modern traditions - emphasizing originality, functionality, and simplicity, with a focus on materials and craftsmanship.

Ever passionate about design, Gus* Modern's mission is to make beautiful, original furnishings that bring people together and enhance the spaces where they live and work.

Gus* leads the front in sustainability. Always looking for innovative ideas and processes, Gus* designs are constantly growing more sustainable. From eco-friendly materials like FSC® Certified wood and Vegan AppleSkin Leather, to recycled P.E.T. cushion fill and Zero-VOC finishes, their goal is to build timeless modern furniture that lasts and leaves minimum manufacturing waste.

Twenty years of modern furniture - experience the passion of Gus* Modern!