Simmons: An industry leader for mattresses in Canada

Simmons Mattress Company, the inventor of the queen size mattress, is an industry leader for mattresses in Canada. Since 1900's it has made multiple industry advancements for mattress comfort, style and overall performance. It has sold nearly 100 million mattresses since the company began and has continued to introduce new technology for a better sleep for the past 140 years.

Overall, Simmons is a world-class leader in the production of mattresses. 18 out of the 20 top hotels choose Simmons as there mattress of choice which further demonstrates the quality and durability of the brand. F2 is proud to showcase Simmons mattresses in our store for our customers since it is one of the best quality mattress brands on the market today.

F2 is proud to showcase the Simmons Mattress Company and their Beautyrest brands in the showroom at Edmonton or Calgary today.