F2 Concept

F2 Furnishings is a concept store which offers unique and exclusive products and design solutions to a bold and adventurous audience. Proud to carry its own independently designed and created furniture lines as well as popular Canadian and International furniture brands, accessories and artwork, F2 Furnishings proudly leads the Alberta market in the modern and contemporary furniture industry.

F2 Origins

First established in Edmonton in 2004, F2 Furnishings has since expanded to service all of Alberta. F2 Furnishings began producing its own independent product line early on, as well as replica pieces of classic modern furniture, art and accessories.

F2 Today

Today, F2 not only offers its own unique product line but has also partnered with famous Canadian and International furniture lines that make it a destination for those seeking the ultimate in modern customizable furniture. F2 offers an endless multitude of possibilities to create your own modern piece, made exactly for you with exactly the materials, dimensions and details that you want.

Get inspired with F2 furniture pieces, new home décor items and stylish decorating ideas. F2 can help you build a space that’s sleek, chic and functional, but above all, comfortable.

We are F2!

F2 Furnishings is the premier destination for Modern and Contemporary style in Alberta. Offering exclusive Canadian brands, hand-selected International furniture, and custom art brands. Established in 2004, F2 Furnishings has been Edmonton’s number one source for modern furniture and design. Over 20 years later, we now proudly serve Albertans in both Edmonton and Calgary. Sticking to our local, small business roots, we scour the globe’s biggest brands to strive to find the best Canadian and International furniture that fits the homes of Albertans. Looking for high-quality, long-lasting, tastefully modern furniture and decor for your home? You’ve found the right place. We are F2!