We Welcome Dinec! - F2 Furnishings

We Welcome Dinec!

As of 2021 we welcome Dinec on to our massive showroom floor! Dinec is the distinction of craftsmanship amongst the Meubles BDM brands.

You may be wondering, what is so different with Dinec? Dinec explores with how to make the everyday item useable. How can the object enhance you life, and not burden you? Biggest difference you will see in Dinec's product line is their stance behind their chair craftsmanship.

Rarely you will see a well designed chair with sturdy craftsmanship to be light; strenghth comes with weight. Dinec revolutionized their frame construction to work with the upholstery to eliminate unnecessary backings, reducing weight significantly. This will allow you to move the chairs without damaging your floors or walls.

With this information feel free to check out their designs, and what they have to offer; then, stop by our store to see all 62 new pieces in person!