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Would you buy a mattress that squishes into a box?

Ever been burned by a mattress-in-a-box? Don't get it wrong, we tried the trend. As Alberta's premier modern furniture store, what's more modern than some Doctor Who-esque "It's bigger on the inside" technology? Most bed-in-a-box packaging is also designed with some enticing graphics too (though we haven't seen one with the police box motif quite yet, which seems like a wasted opportunity). 


No no, move to your OTHER left!


Taking a large cumbersome rectangle up your stairs, squishing it around corners, under a hanging ceiling light, into the bedroom and finally onto a bed? Our delivery teams aren't the biggest fan of it either. But as it turns out, the materials that go into your mattress are kind of a big deal. As convenient as it might be, most bed-in-a-box type mattresses are purely made of foam; some may have fairly weak springs. With a person's full body weight, these materials simply don't hold up.


No judgements here, just mutual understanding.


Anyone who's had to support a friend or partner's body weight when they're stumbling from having a few too many drinks will know: people are heavy. When your mattress doesn't offer enough support, that's when back or body pain can pop up. If you have back pain when you first wake up that disappears within 15-30 minutes, then your mattress might be doing more harm than good.

Box mattresses are also expensive; most will easily eclipse the price of a traditional mattress due to the extra marketing costs to get it in front of your eyes, shipping costs to get a single order to your door, and production costs of all that fancy packaging. Comparatively, traditional mattresses are delivered in big bulk shipments and come in simple packaging with no design or marketing costs.


Now that's a lot of pocketed coils.


All those extra funds can go into better materials inside the frame. The same comfortable specialty foams touted by bed-in-box companies are available in traditional mattresses; backed by the support of thick steel springs that bounce back towards your body, leading to greater support against back pain.

Don't believe us? Check out the prices of our made-in-Canada mattresses here and compare to your bed-in-a-box vendor of choice!