The Julien Beaudoin Company was founded in 1963 by Mr Julien Beaudoin himself. At its beginning, the company mainly served Quebec's market but grew to become a much more influential brand. In 1987, Beaudoin was bought by Ms Diane Beaudoin. The company then entered a period of steady growth, developing markets in Ontario, Western Canada, and the Maritime provinces. Beaudoin is now recognized as the industry leader and is a point of reference for Canadian dealers for everything related to steel bed frames.

In 1997, Beaudoin starts selling its products on the American market. This led to the creation of new models in demand on the American market, while also starting the Beaudoin reputation as a strongly innovative company within the Canadian market. As the third generation leader, Mr Brian Crochetiere now acts as Plant Manager. He continues to reinforce his family's and the company's deeply set values, including the importance of dedicated and customized customer service.

Maintaining product quality and consistency while innovating in terms of service, delivery, and innovation continues to be at the forefront of the Julien Beaudoin Company. The company now produces over 200 different bed frames, bed rails, and folding bed models. New models are constantly developed as to fit the evolving needs of clientele.

Beaudoin HQ in Quebec

The Julien Beaudoin Collection consists of a variety of fabric or leatherette upholstered bedframes. These frames are available in King, Queen, Double and Twin sizes. Some of these designs can be ordered with genuine Swarovski crystals instead of tufted buttons and also comes with drawer storage options in the footboard.

Julien Beaudoin is a brand that F2 is proud to add to its store collection in Edmonton and Calgary. F2 is currently showcasing a selection of their beautiful line of bed frames in stores.